Meet Allison, the Teacher at Beacon House.

She’s been with us since July. One thing we appreciate about Ms Allison is her growth-minded encouragement. She’s a team player. Ms Allison is great at developing goals and tracking aims.

I asked Ms Allison about a few things to build an employee profile. Here’s what she said.

Favorite Thing About Your Job
50% residents, 50% staff. On the good days, the residents are my favorite thing. Just being around them and hanging out with them is so life-giving to me. Each girl is so unique, I love being a part of their journey into what will hopefully be a healthier and happier life. And on the bad days, its the staff I work with that are my favorite. Beacon House has truly set a standard for what it means to be a part of a team.

What brought you to Beacon House?
Coronavirus. Honestly, I applied because my previous teaching position in public education was dissolved due to COVID-19 restrictions, and I needed a job. I applied, interviewed, and then spent several hours with the girls shadowing other employees. At that point I really wasn’t sure I was going to take the job just because I thought I wanted to teach in a more traditional setting. I’ve never taught in a traditional setting and I thought I’d want something different. But after a long weekend to pray about it, I just decided why not, I’ll give it a try. And it was honestly one of the best job decisions I’ve ever made.

Anything else to share?
I love planning parties for the house! We had an awesome Halloween party, but that was nothing compared to what I have planned for Christmas!

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